Hi, this is Belén, graduated in Physics and mother of three kids. Fascinated by Science and its dissemination since I were student, now that I am mother I have realized the interest of children to try, experiment and discover the little mysteries of the world. To encourage this natural interest, we perform together lots os scientific activities that we collect in this site. From here we intend give ideas to parents, educators and families willing to encourage in their children the interest in science and scientific method with tons of scientific experiments. And, if some of you need it, we can also help you personally in the design and implementation of your education project.

To know more about our philosophy, go to What is experScience? or Is this also Science?

We hope to help you, and, above all, that you have fun learning science in good company. And do not hesitate to send us any opinion or suggestion through our contact form.

Thank you again for joining us!