Our Vegetable Garden: Design and Learning

I’m sure you remember our suggestion to use your vegetable garden as a science project. This summer our vegetable garden has become a constant learning source, and we took advantage of that to introduce a new vegetable garden design to experiment with different concepts. To start, we sowed green beans last spring. We knew it was a climbing variety, so we needed an structure to allow the plant growing. So we decided to implement a practical idea we had previously found on Pinterest. It is about building a cone shaped structure with reeds, so that when the plant grows it becomes a tepee.
Granpa helped with the design to make sure that all the plants would receive proper irrigation and we could not be happier with the result: a perfect place to relax, to protect us from the sun, to share confidences….while learning about the plant life cycle, from the moment we sowed those small red beans, to its current status.


At the same time, we also sowed some sunflower seeds at both sides of the entrance of the teepe. Well, eventually only one of the seeds grew but it has become a huge plant.


We had the idea that only one flower would come out of each plant, but we found a big plant with many flowers. We could also make another mini-project comparing the growth of this sunflower plant with another one we were growing in our terrace in a pot. This second plant has allowed us to follow the growth of the plant step by step, and has also allowed us to discover the big difference between the plant growing on a pot and the one in the garden. The one on the pot is much smaller, with a thin stem and with a single flower. Due to the weight of the flower we even had to put a reed to let the stem grow. All this process led us to question the differences between both plants: irrigation frequency, amount of soil, reachness of soil, etc.

And we still need to perform the last part of the project: let the flower dry and get and toast the prized sunflower seeds. We will keep you informed.

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