What is Science?

When we think about Science we tend to identify it with spectacular experiments or with complex theories only understandable by a few privileged minds. But in reality Science is simple: it’s only about observe, question and look for answers… something that kids are constantly doing in a natural way. And that’s what experScience loves.

Why experScience?

This name summarizes our philosophy: exper(iencing)Science becomes experScience. We think science is something that curious minds of our youngest (and not so young :-)) would like to freely experience, feel, discover, wonder about, answer, wonder again, and so on…  This way they will grow up with a more close connection to natural environment and will learn to be able to look for answers to small scientific mysteries of the world.

Who we areNiño entusiasmado por la ciencia

We are curious scientists that like children intend to discover the secrets of the world. We like do ourselves questions, look for answers… find out new questions and keep on looking more answers… and enjoying with every little discovery we made.

We are parents willing to participate actively in our sons’ education offering them activities not only to entertain and have fun, but also to allow them explore new roads and  discover new interests.

We are educators convinced that play and experimentation are the base of all significant learning. We are aware also of the richness of research resources our natural environment provide us.

What we do

In experScience we are specialists in Science for Kids. We propose and organize scientific activities that allow to develop children’s creativity, imagination, curiosity and critical approach, introducing them also in scientific method and scientific language in a natural way. We use simple elements, many times recycled materials or things you can easily find at home.

We want this site to be a meeting point for people like us: parents, educators, families and everybody interested in sharing ideas to discover science with your family or in the school.

That’s our goal, and with this illusion we start this project we hope you want to join us.